Ecosystems and Poverty

A Situation Analysis to Identify Challenges to Sustainable Management of Ecosystems to Maximise Poverty Alleviation: Securing Biostability in the Amazon/Andes

Welcome to the page for the Andes/Amazon ESPA program.  This website is designed to provide updates on progress in the project, announce upcoming events and share useful information between stakeholders in the region.

health improvement

Project Goal statement: “Our goal is to perform a comprehensive analysis of the state of environmental services and their role in benefiting poor communities in the Andes/Amazon region.

Our approach is to combine:
1) stakeholder engagement,
2) data-driven analyses and
3) synthesis of literature.

Combining these results, we hope to provide the ESPA programme and decision-makers at the local, regional and global level with a set of recommendations for achieving the sustainable and equitable management of ecosystem services which contributes to the alleviation of poverty. A recommendation for health improvement is also being researched by practitioners in order to shape a better community.

Here is an introduction of ESPA by Prof Paul van Gardingen: